Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"stripped of ya medals like Marion Jones"

In case you hadn't noticed, the World Athletics Championships are taking place right now. Given the BBC's coverage of athletics over the pass few years you'd be forgiven for thinking the the championships even existed let alone have British medal prospects. I mean, they bang on about not enough kids getting into the sport yet I don't see the BBC televising too many meets - shoving a fair few to the graveyard that is the 'red button'. However, what really gets me is the attitude of certain commentators and pundits. They talk about the 'tarnished image' of the sport so much so that their words have no meaning and even make drugs cheats into martyrs (they even seem to forget how their broadcaster's marginalisation of the sport is probably putting off more young athletes than any drug cheat has). For example, have a look at Steve Cram's blog. At least the readers have taken note there and have absolutely lamented the post 

On the point of Dwain Chambers, I for one am happy he's competing and fully justified his selection by finishing 6th in the final as Europe's top sprinter. In fact, I think it's  the perfect incentive for young sprinters having Dwain still  sprinting - they want to be world class they have to beat him (consistently) first.  I could bang on about athletics all day but I won't waste any more of your time on it. Let's be positive, congrats to Jess Ennis and Phillips Idowu.

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