Friday, 17 July 2009

Yes, it's really me*!

Would you like me to sign that with my massive hand? Remember that joke about Jeremy Beadle? In the interests of taste, I won't repeat it. In many ways, it was a tad unfair how he was, at times, vilified by the public for hosing a prank show. I mean, yes he may have had a hand in devising some of the pranks, but you have to remember ALL of Beadle's About's 'victims' were the subject of practical jokes instigated by a friend or family member. Jeremy didn't select random members of the public, unlike most modern day prank shows (Trigger Happy TV, Phonejacker etc). I'm not saying those guys don't get people to sign a release, they do, but Dom Jolly and the bloke who does Phonejacker are never commonly referred to as cunts is the same was Jeremy Beadle was. Anyway, at least Jeremy Beadle could have a laugh at himself, the cunt.

Today's tee is from Local Celebrity.

* by the way, I'm not Gok Wan, the drummer from Bloc Party or Xavier from Justice.

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