Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm a bit of a cheat, star

I noticed this picture on Photobooth and thought I may as well use it as (a) I am wearing this wonderfully clever Michiko Koshino t-shirt today (I'll be at a private view later if you really want to check) and (b) I'm not sure where the foamboard face is.

The star in the middle is made by triangular sections sewn together to give the appearance of a star. The top part of my hair is also cut in triangular sections - although there is no resulting star like pattern.

Also, I don't hear the term "star" used to refer to people anymore. Do kids not use it these days? It sort of meant bredrin in my day.


  1. 'Star'. In my day it meant our camp English teacher wanted a favour.

  2. "Favour"? I'm not saying anything...