Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Running from what?

I've gone a bit sportswear today, and by that I mean I'm wearing a t-shirt from Nike Sportswear not made for any athletic pursuit what so ever. Speaking of athletic pursuits, I didn't realise Tim Montgomery was arrested for dealing heroin.


  1. Which Uslan are you, your picture doesn't show your face. My grandmother was a Uslan from Bayonne, NJ.
    Diane Rrankel

  2. Sorry, typo
    Diane FRANKEL

  3. I'm pretty much the only Uslan there is (it's my first name), and my face is all over the place: my profile picture, website, flickr, other posts. My email is on my profile if you really want to know more of have an interesting t-shirt you would like to see on the blog.

    Same goes for anyone else: t-shirt donations are always welcome.